LifeChanging studio’s 4 anniversary

LifeChanging studio’s 4 anniversary

LifeChanging studio’s 4 anniversary

LifeChanging studio presents an event like never before: our 4th year anniversary. With this month nearly coming to an end, we look back to remind us what a great year it is going to be ahead of us and the years to come.

This year, our anniversary is different compared to the other 3 we’ve done. It isn’t only about the special packages, discounts, or free classes. Its about bringing our team closer to the clients & members. To discover their fitness goals and help them achieve a better lifestyle. Especially regarding everyone’s favourite exercise: Pilates.

LifeChanging has always stuck to educating our clients, but we felt we needed to make a bigger impact. So we planned our anniversary revolving “The ultimate success to an improved lifestyle with family & friends”. A brief talk show I held on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle as a family with the right nutrition and breaking down all the myths & facts on Pilates.

The iconic anniversary cake. Courtesy of Guilty Pleasures

The event began with a gathering, with me explaining postural assessment and weight management. Then moving on to the spotlight subjects that include:

  1. Why give Pilates a chance and the benefits of adding it to your fitness regimen?
  2. Why choose LifeChanging?
  3. Yoga at LifeChanging

Continued by the tour of our boutique studio to educate clients and future clients about the use of our machines & equipment. We allowed them to try and give them a little challenge. Those who are successful got a surprise and it was a lot of fun! We loved the interaction that was going on. Followed by a class demonstration on the V2 MAX Tower by our instructors Inoenk & Monica and Reformer SPX & stability chair by our instructors Geni & Diana.

And of course saving the best for last, the most anticipated group class we offer at the studio: Zumba. Led by Zumba instructor Freddy & Leon

Every year, we try to bring new programs for our clients. Not only the fun happening ones, but the ones that our clients & members will take optimum advantage from whether it is group or private. We take pride in offering a variety of programs to show our clients how we progress every year. Not only in program awareness and being updated, but gaining new knowledge and empowering that knowledge to our clients.

The anniversary was a blast! The entire event felt like we were catching up and appreciating each other’s dedication. It felt like we were one big family ready to bring in new family members.

On behalf of LifeChanging studio, I would like to thank Guilty Pleasure for LifeChanging’s anniversary cake. It was gorgeous & tasty! Our sponsors: Slim Gourmet for the nutritious meals and catering services for our clients, Fresh & Press Jakarta for the refreshing, detoxifying beverages, Zamuyo for bringing back the healthy properties of their traditional drinks, Mojely for the delectable yet healthy treats, and Eternal Plus water for keeping us hydrated!

Once again, thank you to EVERYONE who attended our 4th year anniversary. We hope to see you next year with an even bigger family!

Words by: Isma Hasyim

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